About The Field/DC

The Field/DC is a member of The Field Network, a national arts service organization. In DC, we have two Fieldwork for Mixed Disciplines workshops per year. Fieldwork is a process that supports the development of new artistic works. At each session, artists of any discipline show works-in-progress and exchange feedback with their peers in a format designed by artists.



The Field/DC is a partner of Dance Box Theater & Dance Place.

The Field/DC had it’s first single discipline workshop in Fall 2009 in aerial dance. To find more information on that workshop contact the organizers, Arachne Aerial Arts.

Us field artists are a part of something larger.  Visit The Field Network and say hello.

2010 highlights from New York, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago and Miami…
New York offers space grants in combo with Fieldwork and residency opportunities. They also offer is EAR (Emerging Artist Residency) that provides rehearsal space, show, and Fieldwork.  Salt Lake City had one session that had a wait list so offered a three week mini session. They are also starting a relationship with Salt Lake Arts Center, the MoMA of Salt Lake City, which will host the summer workshop. There will be free space for the workshop. In addition to offering mixed discipline workshops, Seattle started a fieldwork session for people are working on longer pieces, and we had a Fieldwork with only playwrightsPhiladelphia is hosting Field artists from other sites in a performance for the Philly Fringe Festival next week!  They want to make the Philly Fringe event an annual thing.  Atlanta offers monthly lunchtime in the studio shows and gets local restaurants to donate food for the first 40 people for lunch, and then makes it free to anyone who wants to come.  They typically have a mix of folks who have been before and some who have never been.  Chicago had a well-established performance artist with a physical disability that profoundly limits her ability to leave home participate in Fieldwork via Skype.  They just produced their 15th annual two-night performance event, Field TripsMiami posted videos (excerpts from performances) from their last Field show on YouTube and a MySpace page.  They are getting more ammo for archivesand using representative images, promo photos of artists’ work and photos of Fieldwork sessions.The Field/DC has had a great year – some things that you may or may not know!  We added an aerial dance session with ten people last fall. We also hosted Field artists such as Rachel Brooker from Berlin and Kali Colton from Philadelphia at The Dinner Party.
Learn more about The Field and The Field Network at www.thefield.org


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