For Movers of All Ages

Caring for the Caregiver through Movement and Creativity
As we age, we tend to disconnect from our bodies and just power through our day. This workshop is an opportunity to relax the mind and benefit from an embodied movementexperience. Through simple exercises, participants will learn non-verbal communication, assertiveness, agility, and healthy living. The workshop will explore respecting the self, the group, and each other’s space.  Participants will not only benefit from physical activity but will also build connections with each other, exercise their memory, work their imagination, and practice new rhythms.

Reset the Body and Mind with Guided Imagery
Through deep breathing and guided imagery, participants will become more aware of the whole body and let go of stress.  This workshop is open to all, caregivers included, who are looking to increase morale, improve sleeping, defuse anxiety and decrease pain.  Participants will learn calming visualization and gentle stretching techniques to use at home and in the workplace.  

Mindful Dance
Be Mindful; Be Moving; Be Well.
-R.L. Goldberg, MD, President, Medstar Medical Group

Did you know that the benefits of dance extend beyond exercise and fun times at parties? Dancing improves our interpersonal skills, ignites our imagination, reminds us to breathe, builds community, and improves our knowledge of our bodies.  This class is open to anyone interested in expanding a meditation practice to include movement or being more mindful moving through the day. 

Meeting Wellness Breaks 
During these 5-10 minute sessions, conference attendees give attention to the body to ease stress and refocus during demanding conference schedules.  Stretching the whole body from the quadriceps to the wrists not only energizes participants but reminds them that creative pursuits at work really do contribute to an improved sense of well-being.  Ilana has been invited to the Association of Gerontologists in Higher Education Annual Meeting, A Modern Conference for the Modern Nurse hosted by Medstar Health, and the Center for Innovation and Leadership in Education (CENTILE) Conference held at the Georgetown University Medical Center.