FREE Feedback Workshop for Artists

I am giving a FREE workshop about sharing feedback.  Excited to meet artists in the community and talk art!  Description and RSVP link below.

New! Peer-feedback Workshop for Artists
For artists continuing to create through the summer, come experience artist-to-artist, objective, non-directorial feedback.  This structure called Fieldwork provides a safe space where you can learn what your audience sees, feels, and hears in response to your works in progress.  
Artists are encouraged to bring works in progress that are ready to share for feedback.  Works of all genres and stages of development welcome.  The session will be facilitated by dance artist Ilana Silverstein.
The workshop is FREE TO ALL ARTHOUSE ARTISTS, and will be held Saturday, Aug 12th at 1-3pm in the Newton space. Please bring an in-progress or completed piece that you’d like to discuss or get feedback on, and take this opportunity to meet some of your fellow artists.  A description of the workshop is included below, and the RSVP form can be found HERE.

New home. New city. New outlook on life.

On to phase II of ilanaspace! Until now, this site has promoted performance experimentation, guided relaxation, & artist workshops in Washington, D.C. The new content is unknown, although the inspiration is abundant. Sending love from my new hometown of Kansas City. Please get in touch if you are ever passing through!

Happy Summer,