Let’s Work Together in 2019

I am now a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and look forward to moving with you.  Although, I have been working with people with cancer for years, this certification helps me personalize movement programs even more in a safe and comprehensive way.  I am available to work one-on-one or to teach movement classes in healthcare settings.  

The Rally was a success!

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible – speakers, volunteers, attendees, sponsors, and donors.  The goal of the march was to raise awareness and funds for issues like healthcare inequity, rising maternal mortality rates, maternity/family leave policies, and access to healthcare.  This is a national effort that took place in DC with close to 50 sister marches.  Let’s stay connected as we continue to speak up and plan for next year!

Spring Workshops

I enjoyed teaching this Spring and hope to continue these offerings in the Fall.  Check back soon!

Peer-feedback Workshop for Artists: March 24 at 11am 
InterUrban ArtHouse
Register here
For creatives out there looking to up the ante in 2018, join us for some objective, non-directorial feedback given peer-to-peer.  This structure called Fieldwork provides a safe space where you can learn what your audience sees, feels, and hears in response to your art.  

Artists are encouraged to bring works in progress that are ready to share for feedback.  Visual and performance works of all mediums, genres, and stages of development welcome.  The session will be facilitated by dance artist Ilana Silverstein.

Reset the Body & Mind with Guided Imagery: March 20 at 3pm l April 13 at 10am
Turning Point KC
To register, call 913-574-0900 at least 48 hours in advance
Through deep breathing and guided imagery, participants will become more aware of the whole body and let go of stress.  This workshop is open to all, caregivers included, who are looking to increase morale, improve sleeping, defuse anxiety and decrease pain.  Participants will learn calming visualization and gentle stretching techniques to use at home and in the workplace.  

Mindful Dance: May 2 at 2:30pm
Turning Point KC
To register, call 913-574-0900 at least 48 hours in advance
Be Mindful; Be Moving; Be Well. 
-R.L. Goldberg, MD, President, Medstar Medical Group 

Did you know that the benefits of dance extend beyond exercise and fun times at parties? Dancing improves our interpersonal skills, ignites our imagination, reminds us to breathe, builds community, and improves our knowledge of our bodies.  This class is open to anyone interested in expanding your meditation practice to include movement or being more mindful as you move through your day. No previous experience required.