Fieldwork Time!

Next up is Fall Fieldwork for Mixed Disciplines!

Fall 2016 Fieldwork Session:

Wednesdays, Sept 21 – Nov 30, 7:30-9:30pm
Dance Place
Showing Tuesday Dec 6, 7:00pm
Fieldwork supports the development of new work without the pressures of producing
a finished product all alone. The Fieldwork feedback method creates a safe space for the artist to take risks and leaves room to fail. Artists are drawn to Fieldwork because of the built in weekly deadline and the structure that it provides for the creative process. Since the workshop brings together artists of all disciplines, participants learn how their work is reading from many different perspectives and develop the language for discussing work across all artistic genres. It is a profound experience for everyone. If you love an artist, come do Fieldwork so that you have a response for your friend when she says, “What did you think of my show?”

We’re Having a Party: Thursday June 9

Come rock out at Tia Nina’s 5th birthday party & fundraiser!

Drink and eat: ALL DAY, 15% of ALL sales at Slash Run will go to support JUICED
Celebration: 6-8pm
Birthday toast and cake: 7:30pm

Where: Slash Run
201 Upshur St NW
Washington, DC 20011.

The cash we raise will go to recording new tracks, renting studio space, creating special FX, materials and props, and paying our rockin’ design team. We can’t wait to share JUICED with you at Capital Fringe!


photo by Ryan Maxwell Photography