Body and Earth Chapter

Andrea Olsen, I finished your book!  After holding on to it for 15 years, starting and stopping a million times, I got to day 31.  As a way to get to know my knew home, I am gong to do the place visits in my yard, my new yard.  Excited to continue on with the book.

The first word that came to mind for your last activity was AGE.  Could age be explored in the context of Body and Earth?  

First thoughts:

  • No judgment 
  • Age of new home: 88 years old.  How was this house/land shaped by history?  Great grandparents generation built it.  Once, a Jewish neighborhood.  The house of a Holocaust survivor.
  • What did the land look like?  Feel like?  What was growing here?
  • Age of me: 36 years old.  How did my story lead me here?  Now, interconnecting with the land.  And not fragmenting it.  Listening.
  • Drink in wisdom from the land.  Offer each other refreshment.
  • Views of aging lands and aging bodies.  Soil becomes richer and body/mind becomes richer with time.
  • Strong relationships with the Earth over time = better health for both?

Climbing out

Today is completely open. My plan is to spend an hour with Andrea Olsen’s Body and Earth and then sink into course planning for the day. Some time in my body before losing myself in my laptop. I am designing a career networks in dance course for the GWU Dance MFA program and have drafted the syllabus outline; so, picking up where I left up shouldn’t be that difficult. This plan seems very doable, but first, I need to mark this moment.

We have been in our house for 16 days. During this time, I have not felt well. I have choked, cut myself by accident, had an allergic reaction to a mattress, and have had head-splitting migraines. Now, recovered, I can take control again. May felt so different, so relaxed, so full of possibility. June is the unfamiliar. Today, I am reframing you, June. You are the explorer. You are the new best friend. You are the guide. You will be accepting of my querkiness. You will be a time in my life that I will hold dear always. A time of deep internal exploration and external expression. A time that embraces an easy going lifestyle. A time of creative and spiritual discovery.

New home. New city. New outlook on life.

On to phase II of ilanaspace! Until now, this site has promoted performance experimentation, guided relaxation, & artist workshops in Washington, D.C. The new content is unknown, although the inspiration is abundant. Sending love from my new hometown of Kansas City. Please get in touch if you are ever passing through!

Happy Summer,

Mission Complete

Hello from Kansas City! (my current favorite greeting).

We have been Kansans for 16 days. Life is easy going. Life is morning improvs, sorting through stuff, cooking delicious meals. “The river of life, the ocean of emotions, the stream of consciousness” – Andrea Olsen. Listening to the Master of None soundtrack and organizing life and thoughts:
Bring on the nesting.
Feels like a sacred time in my life.
Preparations for creativity.
Taking care of my body is a priority. If my body is asking for stretching, I stretch. If I am tired, I sleep.
My social self is satisfied, for now.
I want to be with my grandparents. I want to visit my sister. Do I stay or go?

The Middle

Steven and I are in Chicago. Have have traveled from Pittsburgh to Granville to this lovely third stop. After having a delicious breakfast with Matthew on Tuesday morning, we drove to see Denison University. We parked in the bustling downtown and had a taco at Taco Dan’s – a new establishment that wasn’t around when I was a student. Then, we drove to the Homestead parking lot and walked on in. No one was around. Some of the cabins were new – Cabin 2 and Cabin 3, I had never seen before. We sat in Cabin Bob for awhile. Steven told me that he totally understood why I wanted to take him there – it is awesome. I want to bring my children there for a reunion someday. We hiked out, drove through campus, and checked in to our airbnb – highly recommend this place – so convenient and relaxing! After a little rest, we drove back into town and walked over to the Dance building Every room was unlocked! Steven played piano and I danced. We didn’t see anyone. I love that studio the most. Then we visited other buildings – Barney, Slayter Hall, Knapp Hall. Didn’t see anyone, hardly anyone around since it was the reading day before finals. The stories didn’t come flooding back like I thought they would. It feels so long ago. We ate at “The Pub” which used to be “Brews.” Full and buzzed, we went back to the airbnb to watch “Good Night and Good Luck” and fell asleep. Then I woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep. I was obsessing over wanting to know what my KC life would be like.

On to Chicago… we stopped at Fox and Snow at the recommendation of Matthew on Wednesday morning. It was a super hip cafe and bakery – perfect! Then, we drove through under-welming Indiana listening to Breakfast of Champions. We arrived around 3pm and had time to chill and walk around before Jason and David came home. They live by lots of shops and restaurants. We had wine and empanadas and then more wine at this cool little wine shop. After chatting up the wine store people we met Jason at his gorgeous house. This house has a large open kitchen, a whisky room, a sauna, and a flawless finished basement. Love it. We saw Ari, Beth, and the children that night. Thursday, we drove into Willamette to see Bubbie and Zadie. Both visits were very good. We had a long commute back to Ukrainian Village that afternoon and then time to chill before dinner. We did the same thing Friday. Thursday night, we met Diego for Northern Thai Food at a restaurant called Sticky Rice. Delicious! I was feeling feverish but the vegetable soup, green tea, and spicy stir fry made me feel right as rain. Steven and Diego had sticky rice with there meals that came in wrapped in plastic in a little basket. Steven ordered Kao Soy (sp?) again – I had never heard of this yellow curry before – so yum. After dinner, Diego took us to this awesome whisky bar and we drank a lot of scotch and continued to catch up about life.

Friday night and Saturday morning, we hung out with Ari and family. Everett put on a full spacesuit to watch the Apollo 13 rocket launch. He is so chatty and cute and very much into space. Quinn smiles all the time and likes to climb. So glad we got to see them and 2 (and 8 months) and 8 months.

On Saturday, we finished Breakfast of Champions on the drive to Baraboo and arrived in town around 3pm. Just in time for Prom Photos in front of the Courthouse. Jake’s prom! True small town america moment. We walked around downtown Baraboo a little bit and headed back to the house to have wine and cheese with Marcy and Buddy. There house is so relaxing. We surrendered immediately to the landscape falling in love with the birds and the fresh air. Then we took Cooper on a walk and discovered tics. Lots of tics! They have a tic jar full of rubbing alcohol that you can drop the tics into when you find them crawling around on your body. We grilled and had a beautiful dinner and more scotch with our cousins. We all sat by the fire talking. Zach and Eva came home and we all went to sleep. Jake came home later with a bunch of friends and had a bon fire.

We had a welcomed lazy Sunday. Zach made super light and fluffy pancakes and then we headed out to see the Leopold Center and the Cranes Institute. We are enjoying the countryside. Steven won 2 out of 3 soccer games against Zach and it was thrilling. Tomorrow, we will head for Kansas City! Steven and I feel rested and ready.

Operation BBQ

Day 1
Winding down at the ACE Hotel in Pittsburgh. We felt the stress melt off of our bodies when we walked into our room – no stuff everywhere, no trash to figure out what to do with. Our road-trip, Operation BBQ, began at 1:25pm today. Easy ride out except for the tornado warning part. The downpour slowed us down slightly but it was ok because we had the perfect soundtrack going, the Kid A album, Pyramid song, Supercollider. Other names for the trip include: Operation Billy (named after the last piece of furniture we got rid of) and Operation GTFO of DC. We landed on a name that looked forward.

Amazing night in Pittsburgh curated by Matt Ciccone. The best and magical Thai at Pusadee’s Garden and drinks back at the hotel. Great catching up with an old friend.