auditions for a new project!


force/collision seeks dancers, actors, musicians and any combination of the three that are passionate about ensemble-driven performance making!

The Project
“Trust me” A film/theatre project –
Partners: Goethe Institut, Eastward Films

Phase 1: Film
Shooting: 9 days (non-consecutive) April/May
Premiere screening: June 17, Goethe Institut

Phase 2: Stage
Trust me is a US premiere dance/theatre project in collaboration with German playwright Falk Richter, which explores the body and psyche in Western culture and how they inform our ways of thinking, acting, collaborating and moving through this complex system. Using the mediums of dance, theatre, video and music, force/collision will create an interdisciplinary devised performance which creates a dialogue between German and American culture by exploring the lateral effects of cross- continental influences. This project will also explore the divide between information and sensationalism in modern society and the individual by incorporating notions of media and pop-culture identities.

The Audition
Join us on Sunday March 17.  Please email with your h/r so we can confirm with you.

ACTORS: Sides will be provided. Be prepared for movement.
DANCERS: Please prepare a 2-4 minute dance. CD player, iPhone, iPod connection provided. Group movement will follow.
MUSICIANS: Please prepare a 2-3 minute selection. You may be asked to read/move as well.

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