Making a Dance

I woke up this morning with ideas for how I would start my next project.  An idea has been percolating for a while but I haven’t taken the plunge to begin.  I am thinking this summer will be a good time to start.  The piece is a duet that will be performed at Georgetown Hospital.  A fellow movement artist, Keira Hart Mendoza, and I received funding through Georgetown Lombardi to create 4 dances that will be performed in site specific locations around the hospital.   So exciting!  We will each create one solo on each other and one group piece.  This morning, I wrote down 4 improv scores that I want to try.  The scores grapple with interruption, peacefulness, solitude, and support.  I cannot see beyond this right now but I trust that the dance will reveal itself as we go.  With dancemaking, there are no scripts, and no directions.  It is a complete leap of faith.  I love the process.  I cannot see the sequencing of movement that I want to choreograph now, but once I have dancers in front of me, I will know what to throw at them.  I want the piece to feel good on their bodies.

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