Spring Cleaning

I have been meditating on stuff. My room is generally cluttered.  Many things in my house do not have an assigned place, so clothes, papers, and electronics are tossed on to other things or balanced on “the chair.”  The chair, of course, is not used for sitting, but used instead as a depository for the clothes that pass the smell test.  This is how I have always lived and no organizational intervention has changed my habits.  The obvious analysis of this is that it is a metaphor for my thoughts and my body.  My thoughts feel cluttered and my body needs to clean up the mess inside.  I know this.  Life has been moving so fast, that I am taking this week to remind myself to tidy up – the tangible and the intangible.  Even in rehearsal today, we gathered up the loose ends and tossed what we did not need anymore.  In my classes, I want to focus on detoxing and decluttering.  I am taking my Bubbie’s advice.  Bubbie is my 91 year old grandmother who emails me almost everyday.  Here is an email from last week:

“Take care of yourself. Peanut Butter. Go thru your drawers. You may discover a treasure.”

For context, here is an older message explaining the peanut butter:

“Have a good Tuesday. Good Luck. Keep the motor going.  Eat your energy food. Peanut Butter.”

Back to going thru the drawers … I was visiting a friend last weekend and we discussed this topic a lot.  She is in a new apartment with a new born and not a lot of storage space.  Advice to her was, “when deciding what to get rid of, ask yourself ‘do I love it?”  This process feels like such a gift.  Getting rid of the items on the to do lists or the professional interests that do not feed me.  I am hoping this them of making space and decluttering will inform my classes this week.  I will be teaching contact improv on Thursday night and Yoga on Friday.  I will also be wrapping up the conference from last week, writing a fundraising proposal, and working at the hospital.  Welcoming May with a little more lightness and clarity.

I am grateful to have this platform to process the many great lessons I learn from friends and fierce forces in my life.  As I write, I am reminded of the closing remarks at The Field Network conference relentlessly delivered with gusto.  She encouraged us to do less with more.  She encouraged self-care.  I heard it as a call to simply and press the refresh button over and over.  To let go of the junk and refocus, refocus, refocus on what makes us happy.  Ok, 1.5 hours until I bus to the Dance Metro DC‘s “Writing about your Work” workshop.  Time to kick off the week with 30 minutes of decluttering.

Focus: Spring cleaning of the physical space around me, the mind, and the body.

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