Inner Gardener

This week is all about making the leap from a seed to a fully grown flower.  I want to heighten my observational skills and notice what I already have growing in my classes, in my one-on-one conversations, and in my creative process.  When my friend asked me to water her garden while she was out of town, she reminded me to activate my inner gardener.

Spending 10 minutes in the mornings with her lush and vibrant plants was so grounding.  I felt nurtured while nurturing.  I also realized how much I miss being outside.  I love walks, and picnics, and swimming and so feel so grateful that the warm weather is here.  Any chance I can get, I want to be outside.  The fresh air calms me down, and keeps life in perspective.  Yes, I need to be calmed down and yes I lose perspective.

So back to the nurturing what is already growing metaphor, I am performing a new work on Saturday.  We have been working on this piece for over a year and it has taken many twists and turns.  It is almost performance ready, but not yet.  In rehearsals this week, I want to stay positive and alert.  This process is not about ego, but about the dance itself.  What I love about making dances is that we get up and try out ideas.  It is fun to try something, work on it, and then use it or not.  We are committed to the movements not only looking right, but feeling right – which we don’t know unless we try.  In talking to my friend about her garden, she has a similar creative process.  She plants flowers or vegetables one place, and then moves things around next year, or takes some out, or adds new ones in.  Like dances, the garden is never “finished,” it is a constant experiment.  Whether we are nurturing a dance or a garden, they key is to stop and notice what we have.

This week, I am working with hospital caregivers and patients, teaching a dance class for dancers over 40, rehearsing with Tia Nina, and teaching a yoga class.

Focus: activate my inner gardener.

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